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Final Days of Struggle in Okinawa, 1945/07/05

Published 1945

(1) a few prisoners taken on Okinawa (2) New Flames To Burn Japs - flamethrower with long-range extension, and 100 yards from tank, incindiary bombs (3) Timberwolf Divisions Come Home - 104th Division under Gen. Terry Allen fought at D-Day (4) Warning on Winter Fuel (5) GI's Swim De Luxe - occupying troops in Austrian Trolian Alps use large pool (6) Bald Domes Get Heads Together - meeting in Port Arthur, Texas, of bald men (7) Aviation in the News - helicopter training, Tiger Cat is Navy's first twin-engine fighter plane. (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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